New SW Motech Evo Spotlights

SW MOTECH NSW Intermot 2016LR 300x200 New SW Motech Evo SpotlightsSimple to fit, SW Motech Evo Spotlights use maintenance-free LEDs, to help riders spot potential hazards in good time, and make themselves more visible to other road users too.

LEDs emit a powerful light, but consume significantly less power than traditional bulbs, putting less strain on the bike’s battery. They’re also long-lasting and maintenance-free.Compact and subtly styled, Evo Spotlights are housed in a totally sealed, 100% waterproof, tough aluminium casing.

They connect directly to the motorcycle’s battery – no changes to the motorcycle wiring are required – and come complete with a splash-proof handlebar switch, which is illuminated for ease of operation in the dark.

They’re available in two different variants: 275 Lumen ‘Fog Lights’, which provide a wider horizontal spread of light; and 375 Lumen ‘High Beam’ for a narrow and powerful beam of light.

The Spotlights can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and can be fitted directly to crash bars or frame tubes, using bike-specific mounts (available separately). They measure just 7.1 cm in diameter, so are unobtrusive wherever mounted.

SW Motech Evo Spotlights cost £271.99 per pair, including VAT. Each kit comes complete with the required wiring harness and fuse, a ‘toggle’ handlebar mounted power switch – for easy operation when riding – plus all the required mounting materials and instructions.

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