Bike care is all hot air

MD2800Pro profile viewLR 300x200 Bike care is all hot airNew to the Brühl range of Motorcycle Dryers the MD2800 Pro Twin Turbine takes the hard work out of drying motorcycles.

Its twin turbines blow warm air at a speed of up to 80 metres-a-second, drying a freshly washed or rain-soaked bike quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of water-spotting and corrosion on paint and chrome, and helping to get moisture out of areas unreachable with a chamois or other drying cloth.

Since there’s no need to touch the bike using chamois or other water-absorbing cloths, it also reduces the risk of scratching and scuffing.

The MD2800 Pro features a flexible hose, extendible from 1.5M to 3M, allowing the air to be blown in any direction required without having to move the unit.
Three interchangeable nozzle attachments are also included, so the user can tailor the air delivery too – either fast and concentrated or a more general flow. Users can choose single or twin turbine operation at the flick of a switch.

A handy addition to any professional or enthusiast’s workshop, the Brühl MD2800 Pro Twin Turbine Motorcycle Dryer can be powered from a standard, three-pin AC 220-240V outlet.

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