EVO Range5 300x225 VENTURA RE INVENTS THE BIKE PACK SYSTEMVentura has re-invented its unique luggage system with the all-new EVO-Rack and matching EVO-40 and EVO-10 Bike Packs.

Designed to match the sleek lines of whichever motorcycle it’s fitted to, the new EVO-Rack has a flat base and an adjustable mounting system. This allows the EVO-Rack to pivot, so it can be mounted in various positions on the same bike and also swapped between motorcycles, as long as a set of Ventura L-Brackets are fitted.

Two new packs, the EVO-40 and EVO-10, fit onto the rack using an innovative pocket fastening system in the base, that securely holds the packs on the rack while riding.
The EVO-40 is the larger of the two, offering a substantial 40-litre capacity, while the EVO-10 is geared toward commuting and day riding with its (you guessed it) 10-litre capacity. Both packs are manufactured using water-resistant and durable laminated ballistic fabric.

The EVO-Rack fits onto Ventura’s well-established L-bracket system, with fitments produced for more than 2000 models, including machines dating back into the 1970s.
The L-brackets attach using existing points on the sub-frame, so they add minimal weight, without making the machine any wider. The EVO Pack’s ‘slide on, ride off’ fitment eliminates the need for straps or bungees, so it’s quick and easy to attach or remove.

The EVO Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discreet L-Brackets behind. The rider then has the option of fitting a pillion Grab Handle.

For further details, prices and a full list of pack options visit

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New SW-Motech Messenger Bag

Designed for life on the road, the new SW-Motech Legend Gear Messenger Bag can even be converted from a handy shoulder bag to a tail pack.
SW MOTECH Legend Gear Messenger Bag LS3LR 300x200 New SW Motech Messenger Bag

A combination of waxed canvas and robust Napalon synthetic leather, with webbing straps and anodized aluminium buckles, gives the Legend Gear Messenger Bag an authentic vintage look, as well as the toughness needed for everyday use on a motorcycle.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted for length with one hand and is suitable for wearing on either left or right side, making it easy to put on or take off, even over bulky riding jackets.
A removable waist strap keeps the bag firmly in place during the ride, while padding on both the shoulder strap and back section cushion the wearer. An additional carrying handle allows the bag to be carried like a brief case.

Offering a generous 12 litre capacity, the main section of the Messenger Bag has a splash-proof lining and water-resistant internal roll-top closure, to protect contents from the weather. A padded laptop holder (up to 15-inch screen size) also features. There are additional zipped pockets under the flap.

Should the user need extra capacity, Legend Gear’s unique military-style attachment system, with tough webbing loops and alloy hooks, allows LA1 and LA2 Accessory Bags to be mounted quickly and easily.

To convert to bag a tail pack, simply remove the shoulder strap and attach the optional mounting straps to the four integrated loops to secure to the bike seat or rack.

Click HERE for details

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New SW-Motech Evo Footrests

Multi-position adjustable and with a large, removable rubber contact pad for added grip, SW-Motech Evo Footrests offer extra comfort for long rides, both on and off the road.

  • Multi-position adjustment – both height and angle
  • Large dimension, removable rubber pad with profiled surface for grip
  • Tailored to fit the bike’s existing mounts
  • Stainless steel and CNC-milled aluminium alloy construction

SW MOTECH FRS LR 300x300 New SW Motech Evo Footrests

A tailored riding position can make all the difference on long journeys – even the smallest amount of adjustment provides much needed relief to cramped limbs – yet only a handful of motorcycles offer any adjustability, and most of those only have movement in the seat and bars. Available for a broad range of dual sport and touring bikes, the Evo Footrest Kits allow riders to increase legroom, by lowering the height and adjusting the angle of the foot.
Height can be adjusted from standard to 15mm lower, with 10 positions in between, and the foot angle can be rotated backwards or forwards by 18 degrees.

A large dimension contact area with a profiled rubber insert helps absorb vibration and road shocks, and is profiled to ensure a firm grip – especially reassuring on dirt roads and trails, when standing on the pegs is required. The rubber insert is removable, should the rider prefer.

Each kit is manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for durability and strength, and features lightweight, but tough aluminium alloy footrest links, which are CNC-milled for accurate fit and operation. The kits are tailor made to fit the original footpeg mounts, and come with all required fixings and full instructions.

To view the complete range of SW-Motech footrest kits, click HERE

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Airhawk Comfort Seats updated for 2017

Airhawk has updated its air-filled motorcycle seat cushions for 2017, with new cutaway sections around sensitive areas and re-designed cell geometry.
FA DUALSPORT11 300x204 Airhawk Comfort Seats updated for 2017

Airhawk’s proven Comfort Seating System uses air pockets to minimise pressure points on the pelvis and spine, as well as providing shock absorption and vibration protection, to provide relief from the discomfort many riders experience during long stretches in the saddle.

The new, updated cushions feature an additional centre cut-out area, running from front to back, for extra pressure relief and ‘non-contact’ of sensitive areas.
Cutaway sections

at the front and back – the latter also has a tapered transition – give increased comfort and pressure relief on both the groin and tail-bone areas.
Air cell geometry has also been re-designed, to improve airflow under the rider and eliminate ‘hot-spots’.

Each cushion comes with a breathable and water repellent poly-mesh cover, which helps to keep the rider cool and dry. The side panels also feature a three-layer knit polyester for air circulation

New and improved Airhawk Motorcycle Cushions are currently available in three versions: the ‘Cruiser R’ Large and Small, and the ‘Dual Sport’ for smaller, narrower seats, and Pillion Pads too.

Click here for details.

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New Keis 2600mAH Battery Pack

Keis 2600LR 300x200 New Keis 2600mAH Battery PackKeis has introduced a lighter, more compact and longer lasting 12V Lithium (Li-ion) Battery Pack for its Dual-Power heated clothing.

Smaller, lighter and longer lasting than the previous model, it measures just 70 x 70 x 20 mm, and weighs only 200 grams – fitting neatly into the specially provided pockets on Keis heated garments.

Alongside the weight and size saving, power output is increased from 2000 to 2600mAh, so it’s 30% longer-lasting, capable of 2.6 hours power at 1 amp draw.

By eliminating the need to draw power from the motorcycle battery, the 2600mAh battery pack allows a much greater freedom of movement both on and off the machine. That means heated clothing can be used for a variety of other activities, including winter sports, hiking, horse riding and even sky-diving.

The new pack can be used with all Keis Dual-Power products and has a built-in LED capacity monitor, so users can see the charge level at a glance.

KEiS heated garments use the latest Encapsulated Element Technology to provide reliable, even heating throughout chilly winter rides. Lightweight, breathable and more flexible than garments using wired elements, they’re designed to be comfortable and unobtrusive – both on and off the bike – and the advanced heating elements are designed to offer much more even temperature than traditional wired systems, helping to regulate body temperature and keeping the wearer focused on the road.

As an added bonus, it can also be used to charge and power USB devices.

Click here for details

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Ventura Bike Pack for MT-10 and XSR900

Two of Yamaha’s most popular naked machines – the MT-10 and XSR900 – have been given the Ventura treatment, so owners can unlock their touring potential without messing with the bike’s minimalist looks or affecting weight, width and handling.

Stripped-out street bikes like the MT and XSR offer little concession to carrying luggage, with compact seats and subframes and few secure strapping points – the minimalist look also doesn’t really lend itself to bulky, hard luggage. Discreet, lightweight and with fuss-free fitting, the Ventura Bike Pack System is the ideal solution.

Combining the best features of soft and hard luggage, the Ventura System uses a sturdy rack-mount to hold the load safely and securely, and offers a choice of packs that are light, easy to handle off the bike and can be rolled up and stashed away when not in use.

It attaches using existing points on the sub-frame, it doesn’t add much weight or any width. The Pack’s unique ‘slide on, ride off’ fitment eliminates the need for straps or bungee cords, so it’s quick and easy to detach and reattach too.

Packs come in a variety of styles and sizes – from a 35 litre weekend bag, to a massive 102-litre touring combination – and come with carry handles and shoulder straps for easy use off the bike.

Both Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discreet L-Brackets behind. The rider then has the option of fitting a pillion Grab Handle or a Sport Rack, designed for transporting small loads. Alternatively, the Brackets can be removed completely.

For further details, prices and a full list of pack options & prices visit

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SENA Prism Bluetooth Action Camera

Prism Handlebar Mount BMW R 1200 GS 4 300x199 SENA Prism Bluetooth Action CameraNow riders can record live commentary of their adventures with the SENA Prism Bluetooth® Action Camera.

Sena’s Prism is the first action camera to have Bluetooth® connectivity built-in, so users can record sound straight over their video footage, either through the built-in Ultra HD Voice Recording™ microphone, or connecting to virtually any Bluetooth® helmet headset they choose. No additional video/audio editing is needed, because the Prism mixes the audio feed in real-time, creating an instantly shareable multi-track audio.

The recording can be started, stopped and shared quickly and easily, using either SENA’s Bluetooth remote control or any SENA Bluetooth headset with a built-in Jog Dial.

The sights to go with the sounds are also high quality – the Prism shoots full 1080p FHD video recording with 5 MP still shot image capture, and has a variety of other video modes (1080p:30fps, 720p:30/60fps, 480p:up to 120fps) and photo modes (shot, time-lapse, and burst) to choose between.

A sleep-mode feature helps extend battery life and maximize memory usage, for longer recording, and the Prism can even be used while charging. Its firmware is upgradeable.

The Prism’s QRM™ (Quick Release Mount) System can be installed and removed swiftly on motorcycles and riding gear. It comes with the most extensive variety of mounting hardware, including clamps for helmets, handlebars and windscreen and even a motorcycle-specific fog lamp base, so users can choose the camera position to suit the bike and/or activity.

It’s water resistant right out of the box, and the waterproof housing keeps the Prism safe up to 40 meters deep.

Click here for more information.

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Heated gloves or grips?

Keis x900 heated motorcycle gloves 300x300 Heated gloves or grips?Heated grips have long been a popular choice for motorcyclists looking to winter-proof their ride, but they have some limitations compared to heated gloves.

Alongside the inconvenience and expense of fitting, grips only heat the palms and inside of the fingers, not the outside areas, which are exposed to the icy wind when riding.
Heated grips can also have a detrimental effect on the waterproof liners commonly used in winter riding gloves. Wicking/breathable fabrics work by allowing smaller less dense water molecules (perspiration) out, and stopping the larger and cooler water molecules (rain) from getting in. Heated grips can heat the water molecules on the outside of the glove, reducing their size and effectively reversing the way the membrane works. The moisture inside the glove increases and the hands and fingers become cold and damp.

KEiS heated gloves feature Micro Alloy-Fibre Technology, which provides reliable and even heat right around the hand, whilst still allowing easy movement and feel – crucial for delicate operation of the controls during winter riding conditions.

KEiS produce both inner and outer heated gloves, all of which come with a fused supply lead for connection to a 12v vehicle battery (an adaptor for 12v sockets is also available).
Both the X800i and X900 outer gloves have easy-to-use integral controllers, so riders can tailor the temperature whilst on the move, and feature waterproof/breathable liners. The X900 gloves can be powered by optional rechargeable battery packs that fit neatly into the cuffs, while the X800i feature hard reinforcement over the knuckles.

For further info and details of the complete KEIS range visit

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SW Motech Scramble the Suzuki SV650

SV650 SW Motec Front 34 with dark GB LR 300x247 SW Motech Scramble the Suzuki SV650The German motorcycle accessory specialists have chosen a selection of add-ons from their extensive range to give the popular V-twin a ‘street scrambler’ makeover, as well as adding useful extra features and functionality.

The kit adds SW Motech Guards for the Radiator, Chain and Headlight, plus Front Frame and Sprocket Covers, Lateral Protection and Header Pipe Protection, to shield the SV during rough urban rides and on the open road.

The Footrest Kit provides extra comfort & grip, while Bar Risers are fitted for a commanding scrambler-style riding position; Mirror Extenders improve the scope of rearward vision.

SW Motech Indicators and Fender Kit, alongside the Dunlop Mutant dual sport tyres, Remus Okami End Can and Genuine Tuck Roll seat, finish off the street scrambler look and feel.

The Suzuki SV650 Dealer Kit represents just some of SW Motech’s extensive range of accessories tailored to the latest generation SV. Owners can also kit out their Suzuki with the new Legend Gear Luggage, which combines vintage looks with modern materials, and has a versatile and robust carrying system; add extra protection with the sturdy Engine Crash Bars; or top off the street scrambler styling with a choice of Handguards.

For details of the Suzuki SV650 SW Motech Dealer Edition, contact your nearest authorised Suzuki dealer, or visit Suzuki GB .

Click here to view the complete range of SW Motech accessories

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AirHawk Integrated Seats

Airhawk integrated BMW GS1200 seatLR 300x200 AirHawk Integrated Seats AirHawk’s new Integrated Seats are designed to take the pressure out of long rides, using AirHawk’s proven Comfort Seating System air pockets to minimise pressure points and provide shock absorption for the pelvis and spine.

Designed as a direct replacement for the original bike seat, the first applications will fit all years of BMW R1200 GS and Adventure models.

Ergonomically designed to distribute the rider’s weight equally over the entire seat, and sculpted to prevent the rider sliding towards the tank, AirHawk’s Comfort Seating System air pockets are built into each seat, so riders can enjoy the same benefits they’ve always known of AirHawk, now built into the seat unit.

An integrated pump with a bleeder valve enables the rider to adjust the air pressure easily, even while seated, so comfort and seating position can be altered according to changes in the road surface and length of time in the saddle, while a breathable and water-repellent spacer mesh helps to keep the rider cool and dry.

AirHawk Integrated Seats come in either standard seat height or a lowered version, which is 31.75 mm lower than the factory seat. There are four models to choose from;
  • BMW GS1200/GS1200Adv (2004-2012 ) Standard height
  • BMW GS1200/GS1200Adv (2004-2012) Lowered height
  • BMW GS1200/GS1200Adv (2013-current) Standard height
  • BMW GS1200/GS1200Adv (2013-current) Lowered height


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